Welcome to the homepage of our vacation home ! 


We offer a beautiful modern vacation home.


The apartment is located  nearby the University Hospital in a quiet area. The city center can be reached about 15 minutes walk or by bus - the busstop  is very close.


The vacation home has 2 bedrooms, a living and dining area with an open kitchen, 1 bathroom with shower and a patio. You may also use the little yard. There is plenty of space for 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children. If you need a baby cot, it can be made available. 

In the apartment are television, radio and DVD - Player available, Wi-Fi is provided as well.  

Bed linen and towels are provided free of charges.  


The vacation home is a no smoking apartment, pets are not allowed.  


The rental price depends on the duration of stay,

a night for 2 persons:          

                                 stay from     2 nights   65,00 € 

                                 from   3  to  4  nights   60,00 €

                                 from   5  to  7  nights   55,00 €

                                 from   8  to 14 nights   50,00 €  

                                 from          15 nights   45,00 €    


The minimum stay is 2 nights, the longest stay are 4 weeks. 


Children under 6 are free,

for children aged 6 years to 14 years we will charge you 5.00 € / night,

for persons older than 14 years the charge will be 10.00 € / night.



Are you interested in the apartment?  Do you have any questions?


Please contact us by email to info@ferien-hoffmann.de or use our contact form here on the page.  

You also have the option to call us at 00496841/67605. 




We look forward to your message.